What We Do

We look for businesses that possess the capacity for scaled growth, a proven presence in their chosen market segments, strong people with the right values, and most importantly that offer an opportunity for us to add value through digital delivery.
Our vital statistics

Our approach centres on four primary enablers: our expertise, access to leading technology, focus on consumers, and capital.




We bring extensive international experience across the banking, investment, pensions and insurance sectors. Each of our key directors has a solid record of building high-quality, fast-growth businesses, and we adopt a hands-on approach to our portfolio.


Access to Leading


Our strategic partnership with global technology provider FNZ provides us with a market-leading digital platform to access emerging pension market segments, including international clients and products. We supplement this with our own in-house specialist digital resources.


Focus on


The delivery of appropriate consumer outcomes and the mechanics which are designed to safely achieve this are central to our approach to business and any investment we make.



We are able to ensure our businesses are always adequately capitalised to allow
controlled growth.

More than anything, we build safe and recurring value for all of our stakeholders: customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

At Embark we are committed to building a strong pipeline of talent as part of our ongoing diversity agenda. We believe in transparency and meritocracy; we want to give all of our people the opportunity to be the best they can be, sharing in our future success. This report sets out the results of our first gender pay gap analysis. View the report